Experience the Freedom Perfume: How natural are you willing to go? Fragrances Created by Nature Hero will take you there!



Most of the perfumes you see named after icons, celebrities; brands are either synthetic based or petroleum-based. Synthetic fragrances are designed to hang around for days, but they contain potent chemicals. Synthetics tend to be stronger, sharper but in most cases not good for your overall health. Mainstream perfumes can also use fragrances which are very unusual, which don't reflect reality. We need more fresh air in our lives, not air 'fresheners'.

You might be aware that companies use chemicals in their perfumes to enhance the scent and get a longer lasting fragrance. Those chemicals have the advantage only on the companies' end of having to use less perfume oil which is the most expensive ingredient in perfume making. Companies save a lot that way.

However those chemicals are found to interact with hormone systems, especially women's. We can guarantee that there is no chemicals in perfumes designed by Nature Hero. Go to for more details about what's in your bath/cosmetic and perfume products. Up until the birth of modern perfumery in the late 1880s, all perfumes were made from natural plant and animal sources. Then scientists discovered how to create synthetic aroma chemicals.  According to the Fragrance Foundation, around two thirds of modern fragrance is synthetically derived. The problem with conventional scents is you don't know what's in them. The complex mixtures of hundreds of synthetic chemicals contained in mainstream perfumes do not have to be listed on the label.

As far back as 1986 the US National Academy of Sciences targeted fragrances as one of the six categories of neurotoxins (chemicals that are toxic to the brain) that should be tested for impacts for human health. The report states that as much as 95 per cent of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum.

They include toluene, benzene derivatives, aldehydes and many other toxins capable of causing cancer and central nervous system disorders.

Safety concerns The most talked about common ingredients of concern are synthetic musks and pthalates. Both these potentially hazardous man-made chemical groups have been found in many well-known brands of perfumes (see Greenpeace study). Synthetic musks are suspected hormone disrupters and some types (nitro musks) are carcinogenic. Traces of synthetic musks have shown up in breast milk and in umbilical cord blood. A 2008 Swedish study showed how women using high levels of perfume during pregnancy had elevated concentrations of some polycyclic musks in breast milk raising concern over the safety of breast feeding.

Phthalate exposure has been linked to male reproductive damage. The main phthalate which may be used in personal care products in Europe is diethyl phthalate (DEP). Research suggests a link between exposure to DEP and DNA damage to human sperm.


But there are always moments when everyone wants a mood enhancing scent buzz from a fragrance, and you'll be reassured to hear that these can still be obtained from entirely natural or an even organic fragrances. After all, perfume has been used for centuries for a range of purposes - religious ceremonies, to mask odors...even as an aphrodisiac.


In a world of synthetic fragrances it's important to remember that there are natural alternatives; Perfumes created by Nature Hero provides you just that with fragrances that will delight your body and well-being. In Nature Hero we believe in the transformative power of pure natural perfume! Intense emotions and vivid memories are connected with scent; it is truly the most magical of senses. If you or someone you know has experienced the undeniable force of fragrance, you will certainly fall in love with everything about perfumes by Nature Hero!


Nature Hero perfumes are free of phthalates and made with natural grain alcohol and made with signature fragrance blends with all natural and essential oils that work with your own body chemistry to become your signature scent. Perfumes perfect for layering or wearing on their own. Sexy, pretty, and easy to wear 100% vegan.


Natural Fragrance Oils are a blend of essential oils, resins and natural aromatic ingredients. They are free of any synthetics such as phthalates, parabens, sulfates, glycols, petrochemicals, or other solvents.


Made of 100% natural essential oils.
European standards.


Also keep in mind that some fragrances won't stay on one person and will on the next. It's a matter of body chemistry.


It can also be that it is a different time of the year we hold the perfume differently and in different times depending on the weather. We also have to take into consideration...our hormones.


Note that when you apply perfume, you are supposed to smell yourself for about that time, 10 minutes. If you smell yourself after that it is NOT a good sign. The perfume might have "turned" on you meaning your body chemistry didn't react well with the ingredients in the fragrance.