Meet The President

As President, Darrell Ieremia looks at every success and challenge in life as learning experience that allows time for self-evaluation; self-evaluation in one's own life, spiritually and temporally allows for us as individuals to see where we started and how far we have come.

This evaluation creates patterns of success that can be seen and referred to as you continually improve upon the successes in your life. It creates peace internally and a sense of inner liberty with one's body and spirit, and in turn with those with whom you associate with.

"I love the ideas of W. Edwards Deming, who after World War II was sent to Japan to help rebuild that great country, he instituted a set of methods very similar to the scientific method that creates a ways to evaluate self, a group, or even an organization.

This is where self-evaluation can cross over into the organization and we can improve although a small amount on a daily basis over weeks, months, and years. The overall result is a massive improvement that makes the most effective business, that seeks to improve itself, and ultimately as internal process are improved and efficiency that allows the company to focus on you as an individual, you are the companies most valuable asset.
  Anyone can have passion for what they are involved in, which is great, but without a plan of action, a way to continually improve, inefficiency and waste abound in our lives, we humans are distracted and can lose our sense of purpose without self assessment.    
  At Nature Hero we have planned for much success we continually improve our website, products, internal operations, in fact, even our daily conversation is wrapped into this philosophy of building on precept upon precept. We have in our plan called our customers "Hero" this is for us to continually understand that you are important to our business. You help us grow and create better processes that will make us the best opportunity in the region."
  Darrell has owned his own import / export business in the US and in Peru, which services US network marketing companies seeking opportunities to open their product to that part of the world. He sits as the chairman of the board for that company currently and is an entrepreneur at heart. He has lived outside of the US with his family for years and understands the complexities of emerging economic powers in smaller countries. Learning and adapting to market needs are very important to him and will be a focus as Nature Hero continues to grow.  
  Darrell was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and has grown up in Hawaii and Utah as well. He now resides in Utah with his family that includes six children, who enjoy being outdoors, playing soccer, and rugby. He volunteers with the local chapter of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) as the Scout Committee Chair and donates time and financial resources to local charities, and is very involved with his church sometimes serving the young children as a teacher.
  To our heroes !
Darrell M Ieremia
President - Nature Hero International