Bio Disc-Nature's Miracle

Your body is a complex and highly sophisticated organism. It needs constant fine-tuning in stress-filled environments.
At your best you resonate with health-almost literally, every part of your being vibrates in harmony.
Conversely when your resonances are disturbed or interrupted, your body begins to break down.

You become vulnerable to a variety of ailments and diseases.
Not only are you not functioning effectively, but also your defence mechanisms are in decline.


Ion Charged Minerals to the Rescue


Many scientists estimate that 7 million Americans each year become sick from contaminated tap water, which can be lethal. Yet tap water, believe it or not, can be better than bottled water because it typically has a higher pH level. Unlike most bottled waters which are essentially purified or reverse osmosis, tap water still has its mineral content in tact.

Numerous scientific studies report that chlorinated tap water is a skin irritant and can be associated with rashes like eczema.

A huge industry of water filters has evolved to help to eliminate contaminates such as lead, chlorine, rust, and other debris. Although these may be beneficial, especially installed in your shower to help skin problems, they are usually insufficient at removing enough contaminants to make your tap water high quality drinking water.

Filtered Water Facts
Filtered water from your tap is based on the quality of your filter. Most only remove some chlorine and leave heavy metals such as led or chemicals like THMs. Filtered water cannot increase the pH nor can it improve the ORP value (antioxidant value) also known as Oxidation Reduction Potential.

Reverse Osmosis Water


RO : Reverse Osmosis


The process of Reverse Osmosis produces water with little or no minerals. Although the process is great at removing impurities, it also removes almost all essential minerals out of the water as well making the water essentially dead. If your diet is lacking in essential minerals, your body will lend you minerals (from bones and teeth).

RO water also has a lower pH than tap water, and does not measure at all as an antioxidant. Minerals are critical to making high pH and antioxidant rich water.

Recent studies have shown that people who drink cola (which uses purified/reverse osmosis water) urinate large amounts of calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals. The more mineral loss, the greater the risk for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and a long list of degenerative diseases generally associated with premature aging.

Bottled Water Facts


Is bottled water any better than tap water?


Most of the bottled you buy is much more acidic than your tap water (see chart). 40% of bottled water is basically tap water or worse. It's generally acidic. Even the most expensive bottled water doesn't reach a pH exceeding 7.4.

 In addition, the antioxidant properties cannot be sustained in bottled water. Light and time reduce the negative electrons in water. Bottled water quality is basically no better than tap water as the FDA does not require it to be any better than municipal water.

Aside from many bottled waters being acidic and questionable free of contaminates, the ecological impact on our planet is overwhelming. Healthier, cleaner, more powerful water is only an "intention" away. Do you intend to live longer and healthier while saving your planet? Turn your thought into action.
Take control of your health with ionized water.  

Acidic bodies contribute to illness and disease. One of the common issues with people that are overweight is acidity. In order for the body to maintain proper pH, your diet must contain alkaline rich foods (approx. 75%) and your water should NOT be acidic.


Ionized water has a pH of 9.5 to 11.2 and is an extremely effective anti-oxidant.


Alkalized Water & Health Conditions


Conditions and Clinical Treatment with Ionized water

general benefits
acid reflux
acidosis and obesity
blood pressure
diarrhea /constipation
heart disease
free radicals
exercise / hydration
Japan Uses Ionized Water

For years, ionized water has been used in Japanese hospitals to treat a number of different health conditions.

The list on the right features articles and clinical studies by Japanese doctors and the use of ionized water in a number of different health conditions. Ionized water has been used in Japanese hospitals for nearly 40 years, and has become one of the favored non-drug treatments for many diseases. They believe, as do many American Holistic Doctors, that all disease stems from an over acidic state in our bodies.

Clinical Improvements Obtained From
The Intake Of Reduced Water
Exerpts from "Presentation At The Eight Annual International Symposium On man And His Environment in Health And Disease" on February 24th 1990, at The Grand Kempinski Hotel, Dalls, Texas, USA by Dr. H. Hayashi, M.D. and Dr. M Kawamura, M.D., on

Since the introduction of alkaline ionic water in our clinic in 1985, we have had the following interesting clinical experiences in the use of this type of water. By the use of alkaline ionic water for drinking and the preparation of meals for our in-patients, we have noticed the following:

Declines in blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
Improvements in peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene.
Declines in uric acid levels in patients with gout.
Improvements in liver function exams in hepatic disorders.
Improvements in gastroduodenal ulcer and prevention of their recurrences.
Improvements in hypertension and hypotension
Improvements in allergic disorders such as asthma, urticaria, rhinites and atopic dermatitis
Improvements in persistent diarrhoea which occurred after gastrectomy.
Quicker improvements in post operative bower paralysis
Improvements in serum bilirubin levels in new born babies.
Being confirming clinical improvements, we have always observed changes of stools of the patients, with the colour of their faeces changing from black-brown colour to a brigher yellow-brown one, and the odor of their faeces becoming almost negligible.

The number of patients complaining of constipation also decreased markedly. The change of stool findings strongly suggests that alkaline ionic water intake can decrease the production of putrefied or pathogenic metabolites.


Devices to produce reduced water were introduced into our clinic in May 1985. Based on the clinical experiences obtained in the past 15 years, it can be said that introduction of electrolyzed-reduced water for drinking and cooking purpose for in-patients should be the very prerequisite in our daily medical practices. Any dietary recipe cannot be a scientific one if the property of water taken by the patients is not taken into consideration.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan announced in 1965 that the intake of reduced water is effective for restoration of intestinal flora metabolism.

How to Use Bio Disc?



The very first thing to do with your BioDisc is to treat some tap water to bio-energise it for drinking. Allow the tap water to gently run over the concave surface of the disc and into a container to be stored for drinking. The water passes through the ener  gy field produced by the BioDisc and is instantly bio-energised with life force energy. Chlorine and other chemicals that may be present in the water are now placed in “quantum suspension” and can no longer harm your body. A one or two litre jug with a lid is ideal for water storage. Drink at least two litres of bio-energised water every day.


Use the BioDisc to bio-energise some more water and fill four small plastic water bottles with the bio-energised water and place them under each corner of your bed. It doesn't matter if they lie on their side just under the bed or stand beside each corner of the bed. The effect of placing the bottles under each corner sets up a gentle energy field that your body absorbs during sleep. Most people find that their sleep becomes very restful from the very first night the energy field is set up. If you are travelling, just repeat this process in your room or place the BioDisc under the bed for the night rather than carry the bottles of water. Remember to retrieve the disc from under the bed on the next day.


Small spray bottles are ideal to carry some bio-energised water with you to spray your body for an instant energy boost and to act as a protective shield from the detrimental effects of electro-smog from your work place, computers and your car's electronic systems. In this case make sure that you pour the water over the Bio Disc six (6) times (so that it creates a finer spray mist) before putting it into the spray bottle. Apart from giving you an instant energy boost, the mist has been known to relieve headaches and muscular pain when sprayed on the affected area of the body.


When you bring your fruit and vegetables home from the shops, fill the kitchen sink with BioEnergised water and place your fruit and vegetables int he water for a few minutes. Chemical residues that may have been present on or in the fruit and vegetables are now placed in "quantum suspension" and can no longer be harmful to your body. Allow excess water to drain off the fruit and vegetables before storage. Make  a bottle of BioEnergised water to leave permanently in the fridge to BioEnergise and extend the shelf life of all food and drink stored in there.