What Is Bio Disc ?
Bio Disc is a revolutionary innovation that is made of technically engineered natural minerals which are structurally bonded into a glass at molecular level through very high heat fusion. There is approximately 1500 to 2000 Negative Ions available and this can be transferred into any liquid at the molecular level. In recent years Bio Disc has gained a lot of popularity.
There is enough research being performed on the Bio Disc by various institutions in different countries and according to research this has been found that it makes the water more hydratious and improves the transfer of nutrients in and out of the body cells. Any water which is treated through Bio disc will produce crystal clear water molecules which contain high energy level.

You can also place any of your body lotion or oil on Bio Disc before using it and they will become more absorbent.


What Is Bio Disc Made Of ?

The Bio Disc is made of Special Glass and 13 Natural Minerals
A Process using Severe High Heat Fusion methods, structurally bonds the minerals together at a molecular level.
A combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic Conversion of energy known as ''Scalar''.



1. Simply place the Bio Disc on top of the Water flask or you can pour the water. You can hold the Bio Disc and pour the water or liquid into flask allowing it to flow over the Bio Disc, while this liquid pour into the flask, this would get treated.


2. There is few other way of using Bio Disc for various other purposes. For example, if you want to treat any minor burn, rashes, itchiness or sun burn, you can place the cream or spray onto Bio Disc first before rubbing it on affected area.


3. You can also energize your water and place into a spray bottle and then spray this water onto minor burns, Rashes or Mild Sun Burn, Itches and any Skin Allergies. Simply spray the water on the affected area. The water being sprayed will be absorbed into the skin. When it reaches the dermis, it releases the oxygen at the dermis.


4. People suffering from Asthma can steam up the Bio disc treated energized water and breathe in the water vapor.


5. You can hold the Bio disc 20cm from the affected area or the pain area and rotate a led torch light anti-clockwise approximately for 10 minutes and it will give pain relief.
Nature Hero Bio Disc comes with at least 1500+ Energy Ions


Health Advantages of Bio Disc

It will harmonize and balance the body
Improves tastes of all liquids
Increases drinking water energy level
Increases body energy level
Maximizes nutritional benefits
Extend shelf life of all vegetables, fruits and meats
Improve wellness
Enhances immune system
Rejuvenates cells
Increases blood oxygen levels
Act as anti-oxidant
Help to enhance the blood circulation
Energizes and detoxify the drinking water and thus hydrating the body cells
Great enhancement in the taste of food and beverages of all kinds
Keep the bio disc in your refrigerator and your vegetables and food will remain preserved and fresh for a longer period of time
Neutralizes our body's acidic substances and keep balance
Improves sleep
Regulates the gastrointestinal functions
To reduce inflammation
It will help with assisting in various conditions including Diabetes and High blood pressure
Run your cosmetic cream or product through Bio Disc and you will notice that the cream is now highly absorbent than before